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Apple Pencil: Pros and Cons

Apple Pencil Pros
The Apple Pencil has a lot of amazing features, such as an instant response when touching the screen. It takes advantage of the powers of the iPad to offer minimal lag time, and it’s a genuine Apple product. That makes it a great option for anyone already in the Apple ecosystem.

However, you can still benefit from the Apple Pencil, even if the iPad is your only Apple device. If you’re not convinced of the Apple Pencil’s power, consider these advantages.

By Apple, for Apple
If you’ve ever tried to pair an iPad with a third-party accessory, you may know that it can be hard. Even using a non-Apple charger has been known to cause problems for iPhones and iPads. Although that may not be as pressing of an issue for styluses, it’s still nice to use an Apple product with your iPad.

The Apple Pencil was designed to work specifically with your iPad model. While that means you can’t use just any generation pencil with any iPad, it means when there is compatibility, it will be good. It pairs easily with your iPad, and it will work with one iPad at a time.

To connect your Apple Pencil, just remove the cap and plug it into the Lightning port on your iPad. The two will pair together, and you can start writing, drawing, and more.

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