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Best Business Tips From Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet, the famed “Oracle of Omaha, is one of the most well-known and successful and investors ever. The native Nebraskan demonstrated a keen interest in entrepreneurial activity from an early age. He earned a Master’s degree in Economics from Columbia University. Highly influenced by the legendary value investor Benjamin Graham, Mr. Buffet went on to make billions for himself and his shareholders with his investment company, Berkshire Hathaway. By 2008, Forbes Magazine ranked Mr. Buffet the richest man in America, with a net worth valued at $62 Billion. Not only astute and successful in business, Mr., Buffet is also a noted philanthropist.

Be In It For The Long Run

The quote “My favorite holding period is forever” is often attributed to Mr. Buffet. He first said it in his 1998 shareholders’ report. It serves to illustrate one of his favorite investment maxims: “Be In It For The Long Run.” Highly influenced by the great value investor Benjamin Graham, Mr. Buffet believes that to make real money in stocks, don’t buy them with the intent on selling them. Instead, invest in companies you like and understand, especially when they are on the bargain table. You “like and understand” a company because it produces useful things or products to such a successful degree that it has a strong and stable cash flow and is likely to grow for the foreseeable future. Most of these companies are considered “Blue Chips” by seasoned investors.

Knowledge Is A Great Investment

Mr. Buffet is a great advocate of continuous life-long learning. He scans the newspapers every morning and reads books prodigiously in his desire for knowledge. In one publicized encounter, he gave a budding entrepreneur several pieces of advice. The first piece was “Before you go to sleep each night, ask yourself: Are you smarter, have you learned something new?” A staunch believer that knowledge is a great investment, Mr. Buffet believes that learning is the single best investment of our time that we can make. Success is a great teacher. But Mr. Buffet even goes so far to say that failure is a teacher too: Learn from it.

Build Relationships Everywhere You Go

Here’s a quote attributed to Mr. Buffet: “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” One of the pillars of his investment philosophy is the importance of having honest, well-crafted relationships, in business as well as one’s personal life. He often speaks to students who are regularly surprised by the range of his remarks. In addition to business and investment topics, he speaks persuasively on the need to focus on personal relationships. He often advises students and business people to build relationships everywhere you go, both professionally and personally.

Know When To Cut Your Losses

Even though his favorite holding period for investments is forever, he is not shy to nip losers in the bud. Another of his investment pillars is to know when to cut your losses. No one, not even the Oracle of Omaha, has a perfectly functioning crystal ball. Mr. Buffet learned early on, even in his teenage-years as an entrepreneur, to fold up losing situation. Mr. Buffet believes, and common sense shoes, that trying to shovel out of a hole sometimes only makes it deeper. Instead, he advises cutting losses to avoid further difficulty. He once said there are only two rules for investing: Rule One, Don’t lose money; Rule Two, Don’t forget Rule One.

Highest Cost Doesn’t Mean Higher Value

Mr. Buffet knows value when he sees it because he was highly influenced by the godfather of value investing, Benjamin Graham. Real value, he believes, consists in buying high-quality companies when they are at depressed prices relative to their intrinsic worth. He firmly believes that higher cost doesn’t mean higher value. Instead, Mr. Buffet searches for firms that he believes are valuable, but not recognized as such at the time. This is opposite of the “Herd Mentality” approach in which some investors think that increasingly higher prices mean a stock is increasingly valuable. Often times, the best opportunities to buy occur when most other investors are running scared because of a major market meltdown and there is “Blood in the streets.”


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