Family Plans To Survive Crisis In Underground Bunker –

Family Plans To Survive Crisis In Underground Bunker

People are taking extreme measures these days to prevent themselves and their loved ones from getting sick, but one American family is taking their safety to a whole different level.

The Gembala family purchased a former deactivated military bunker that is made entirely of concrete and steel in a rural area of South Dakota.  The area contains 575 of these bunkers, which were formerly used to store munitions and bombs until 1967 when their use was over.

These unique bunkers have their own power supplies, running water, and the family has furnished themselves with enough canned food and dried food to last two years or more.

The proud owner of this newly modified bunker is named Michael Gembala (a builder from the state of Indiana).  He was quoted in the news as saying, “It makes sense to have life insurance and car insurance, and this gives us total insurance.” Michael has a wife and two children.


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