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How to Sell Your Car Online

Free and Low-Cost Websites to List Your Car

Some of the top free places to list your car for a private sale include Facebook, Craigslist and Car Gurus. Facebook is becoming one of the hottest places to list your car as you can vet the buyer before they come to see your car. Listing on Facebook requires an account and you will be listing your car in the marketplace there. In order for anyone to send you a message about your car, they too must have a Facebook account. This takes some of the dubious anonymity out of the private selling process.

Craigslist is probably the best way to sell if you’re trying to appeal only to the local market. However, as previously mentioned, any contact you make will be pretty much anonymous right up until you meet the buyer. Craigslist now charges $5 to list a car. Car Gurus gives you the chance to have your car reach a much wider audience, which might be appealing if you have a classic car to sell for example. Car Gurus allows users to contact sellers through the site, which means a buyer would have to sign up for an account. Car Gurus is free upfront, but you will have to pay them a percentage of your sale. Another good aspect of Car Gurus is that you can handle the entire transaction securely through their site, which eliminates the need to visit a seller with a wad of cash.

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