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You’ll Never Believe These 10 Highest Paid Heads of State

There are 193 countries on our fine planet, and each one is ruled by a form of President, Prime Minister, King, Emperor, or other lofty title.  We were curious what these heads of state make each year and decided to do a little research.

The top 10 list that we compiled does not include heads of state that receive a royal grant or purse (i.e. Queen of England, King of Saudi Arabia, King of Thailand, etc).  Our list is based off those political leaders who receive an annual salary for their position as the head of the government.

10.) United States of America – President – $400,000

9.) Ireland – President – $401,000

8.) Austria – President – $410,000

7.) Morocco – King – $488,604

6.) Switzerland – President – $507,000

5.) Hong Kong – Chief Executive – $568,400

4.) Cameroon – President – $620,976

3.) Iraq – President – $809,673

2.) Jordan – King – $847,457

1.) Singapore РPresident  Р$1,442,000


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