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Trump Surprises Student With Scholarship During State Of The Union

President Trump surprised a 4th grade student with an educational scholarship during his third annual State of the Union address.  Trump also called on Congress to pass his “Educational Freedom Scholarships and Opportunity Act”.  This bill would give 1 million young children the freedom to attend whatever school they chose.

The President invited Stephanie and Janiyah Davis from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to be he guests during the State of the Union and were seated in the House chamber.

During an emotional moment, the President presented a scholarship to Janiyah, who is one of 50,000 students in Pennsylvania that are wait listed due to the vetoed legislation by leftist liberal governor Tom Wolf.

It is unfortunate that Gov. Tom Wolf is against school choice, but we are lucky to have a President who cares about children and their education.

The Freedom Scholarships and Opportunity Act has more than 120 congressional co-sponsors and would increase the scholarship programs that states currently offer, as well as encouraging states to allow more freedom of choice when it comes to education.


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