The Benefits of Launching an Interesting Podcast –

The Benefits of Launching an Interesting Podcast

It seems like everybody and God has a podcast these days. Even Conan O’Brien has one. He also seems to think he made them hip again. No one is entirely sure if this is true or not.

You want to make a podcast, don’t you? You were so stoked yesterday. Now they feel a little bit disgusting, maybe? There are so many varieties to choose from. The ear is never finished hearing the new trendy buzz.

If you want to meet all the fish in the sea, you’re going to have to swim in their channels. That’s one of the many perks of launching a podcast. Make it as quirky or as basic as you please. You should do one of your own. Not because it will be shockingly original. Because you’ll be the first person to make your podcast. Your podcast has never been done before.

You can build an audience relationship
People go to podcasts to learn new things. They also serve as a form of entertainment. When you create one, you are signaling your audience that you are up-to-date with trends. You know where they go to kickback. You will be their in-flight companion. The voice they hear above the noise of the train. The comfort in a crowded waiting room.

Down to the brass tacks, a podcast is a conversation with the audience. It’s a type of broadcast. You found new and exciting information to share with them. They are special to your podcast because they are your exclusive audience.

You have a chance to build on a new culture
This has been a breakout year for podcasting. People are always on the go. They can’t always be watching videos or reading articles. They will listen to podcasts while jogging, walking the dog, sitting on the couch waiting for the coffee to brew. They will always be listening in their downtime. In the places that they go to escape. If you can find a way to be that escape, then you will build more than an audience. You will build a culture.


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