The Top Social Media Sites For 2020 –

The Top Social Media Sites For 2020

Everybody uses social media these days for one reason or another. We use it for connecting with our loved ones, staying in touch with latest news and trends or just for recreation. With the passage of time some social media sites evolve, others disappear and new sites take their places. Needless to say they have become part of our daily lives.

Here are top social networking site sites which are worth visiting in 2020

Facebook was launched in February 2004 and has 2.41 billion registered users. It is the most popular website in the world after and has global alexa rank of 2. Registration is open for anybody over the age of 13.

Reddit is a social news aggregator, social bookmarking and social discussion site. It is the third most-visited site in the U.S. and sixth worldwide. It was launched in June 2015 and has 330 million registered users. Registration is open to anyone and there is no restriction.

Twitter is a microblogging site which was launched in July 2006. It has 645 million registered users. Registration is open to all ages. It has a global alexa rank of 8.


LinkedIn is a networking site for businesses and professionals. It was launched in 2003 and has almost 200 million registered users.


Pinterest is an online pinboard for keeping track of and sharing things you love. It was launched in 2011 and has global alexa rank of 38.


It is popular in Russia and former Soviet republics. Launched in September 2006 it has over 249 million users.


Instagram is a photo and video sharing site owned by facebook. Launched in October 2010 it became very popular and has over 300 million users and global alexa rank of 41.


Tumble is a Microblogging platform and social networking website which was started in February 2007. It has 226 million registered users and registration is open for everybody.


Flickr is a wordwide photo sharing service owned by Yahoo. It was started in February 2004 and has 32 million registered users. Previously a Yahoo account was required for registration on Flickr but by the end of 2019 Flickr has introduced a new signup process in which a Yahoo id is no longer required to sign up on Flickr.


Soundcloud is a popular music sharing community with over 10 million registered users. It was launched in August 2007. They have a large collection of songs. Users have the ability to create playlists of their favorite tracks. This community is quite popular among aspiring musicians who can upload their remixes of popular songs.


LiveJournal is a blogging community which is mostly popular in Russia and other Russian speaking people abroad. It was founded in April 1999. It has 17 million registered users and it has a traffic rank of 115.


Tagged was founded in 2004 and was quite popular before the arrival of facebook. It has mostly similar features. Members can view the profiles of other members and establish contact. As of April 2020 they claim to have 100 million registered users. is a subsidiary of Tagged.


Goodreads is a community of book lovers owned by Some books are available to read in full while others are partially available for reading and reader has to pay to read the full book. Users can generate library catalog, reading lists, surveys, polls, reviews and discussions on the site.

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