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What You Should Know About Dental Care in Animals

Over 80% of pets over the age of three struggle with some form of dental disease. And to make matters worse, this is preventable!

What are common signs of dental disease?
Bad breath.
Pawing and rubbing at mouth.
Red and swollen gums.
Not eating as well.
Doesn’t want to play with hard toys.


What your veterinarian looks for in a dental examination?
We will peer into your pet’s mouth to check for:
Bad breath
Trouble swallowing
Changes in teeth. We look for teeth resorption, missing teeth, fractured teeth, and much more.


Why is dental care so important?
If left untreated, dental disease can do the following:
Weight loss. Struggle to eat enough to get the nutrition that your pet needs.
Pain and inflammation. Dental disease can really affect your pet’s overall health and wellness.
Resorptive lesions. These lesions are quite painful and are found in twenty-eight percent of cats.
Lost teeth. Gingivitis and tartar can build up and cause your pet’s teeth to get loose and fall out.
Damage to your pet’s vital organs. Bacteria can enter the bloodstream and cause damage to your pet’s heart, kidneys, and liver.
As per the AHAA guidelines, “dental care is necessary to provide optimum health and optimize the quality of life.”

What can you do at home for your pet’s dental care?
Brush your pet’s teeth at home regularly. Though it is best to do it daily, if you are able to do it several times a week, you will notice a difference.
Use special treats and chew toys to help maintain good oral care. There are many treats and chew toys out there to help your pet maintain good oral care.
Visit your veterinarian regularly to ensure that your pet’s oral health is where it should be. Your pet should be examined at least once a year to make sure that your pet’s mouth is doing well.

If your pet’s mouth needs a dental, you should schedule it as soon as you can. If your pet has dental disease, you may need to get them professionally cleaned so you can try to keep them that way!

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